Plexiglas® GP-95 and Plexiglas® GDP-95

Specifically created for designers who manufacture POP displays, showcases, decorative furnishings and shop fittings that provide a distinctive appearance to effectively complement a product.

Added texture for decorative effects.
Specifically created for designers who manufacture POP displays, showcases, decorative furnishings and shop fittings, Plexiglas GP-95 and PlexiglasGDP-95 acrylic sheet provide a distinctive appearance that effectively complements a product. This high-performance cell-cast material is available in a matte-type finish on either one side (P-95) or both sides (DP-95) of the sheet.

Plexiglas GP-95 and Plexiglas GDP-9
  • Distinct finish diffuses surface reflections and hides imperfections
  • Easy to cut, drill, rout, form to complex shapes
  • Premium-grade cell-cast sheet
  • Various applications include POP, interior decoration, signage
  • Light weight and weather resistant

Plexiglas® G cell-cast acrylic sheet satisfies the requirements of most high-performance applications. The decorative surface texture on both the P-95 and DP-95 finishes offers an attractive look for designer creations. This versatile material has many residential, commercial, industrial and professional uses. Plexiglas® GP-95 and Plexiglas® GDP-95 are designed to retain acrylic's ease of use. Sheets can be cut, formed and drilled without altering the optical or mechanical properties of the product.


0.118", 0.177", 0.236", 0.354", 0.472", 0.708", 0.944"


50"X 99"

All thicknesses available in all sheet sizes.
*Custom lengths are available with minimum requirements.


GREEN 3030
BLUE 3120

*Also available in a wide range of other colors

Property ASTM Method Units PLEXIGLAS® G
Thickness, nominal in 0.236"
Specific gravity D792 N/A 1.19
Refractive index D542 N/A 1.49
Light transmittance and haze “as received" D1003
Parallel % 912
Total % 922
Haze % 12
Tensile strength
(.25" specimen – 0.2"/min)
Maximum psi 10,500
Rupture psi 10,500
Elongation, maximum % 4.9
Elongation, rupture % 4.9
Modulus of elasticity psi 450,000
Poisson's ratio 0.35
Flexural strength (span depth ratio 16,0.1"/min) D790
Maximum psi 16,000
Rupture psi 16,000
Deflection, maximum in 0.6
Deflection, rupture in 0.6
Modulus of elasticity psi 450,000
Shear strength D732 psi 9,0002
Shear modulus psi 167,000
Impact strength
Charpy unnotched 73°F D256 ft-lb/
1/2"x 1" sect.
Izod milled notch 73°F ft-lb/in. of notch 0.3
Rockwell hardness D785 - M-1002
Hot forming temperature F 290-360
Deflection temperature under (flexural) load 3.6°F/min- 264 psi D648 F 2052
Maximum recommended continuous service temperature F 180-200
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 60°F R&H P4A in/in/ x 105 3.9
Coefficient of thermal conductivity Cenco-Fitch BTU/(hr)(sq ft)(°F/in) 1.3
Specific heat at 77°F BTU/(lb)(°F) 0.35
Horizontal burning test avg. D635 cm/min 2.8
Burning rate (in/min) (1.12)
Smoke density D2843 % 4-10
Flammability classification 94HB
Odor None
Taste None

1 Values reported are averages and should not be used for specification purposes.
2 This value will change with thickness. The value given is for the thickness in the column heading.
For a complete listing of physical properties please contact your local sales representative.